Infographic of main directory and signages

/ 'Do not disturb lightbox' (during an internship at Slowmotion Design)

We believe that hotels do not have to be dull, especially in Bangkok. So we

put our fun ideas into the bedrooms and let you put yours into the common 

room where you will find an array of indoor entertainments, games, mini-

cinema and also a massage lounge. As Klub literally means to come back, it is our aim to service and cater to all your needs while you're in Bangkok in the hope that you will come back to us time and again.. and again. 

Internship Responsibilities :

Design a plate of main directory, signages, room numbers and the mechanic of 'Do not disturb light box'

Creative director / Phongsak Limsuriyaporn

Designer / T-Thut Rasinanont

Design Interns : Ariyaporn Tuwawit 

Photo credit : WWW.KLUB-HOTEL.COMSlowmotion Design studio