The Visual Poetry of Esiimsi

Collage illustration / 14.5x9" / 30 pieces

Esiimsi is a horoscope predicting equipment. It is directly translated in Chinese

as “The wooden sticks lottery which tells the fortune printed into poem”.

Esiimsi is originated in China for over a thousand of years.It is widely

spread in Thailand, since 2116 BE. Esiimsi has been a popular horoscope

predicting equipment among various temples in Thailand. Eventhough,

the Esiimsi’s poem have been written in an ancient language,

It was still being used from the past until today.

‘The visual poetry of Esiimsi’ aims to approuch young generation

between 16-22 years old allowing them to access to the poem of

Esiimsi’s prediction more easily. Unable the young generation to

understand more about the prediction through the use of

‘ Watercolor illustration with the collage technique’.

The illustration creates the visual of metaphoric language. Moreover,

the Illustrations also helps to tone down the depressing phrase

of the bad meaning in the poem of Esiimsi’s prediction too.