CU 2016 'Exit' Poster 

Graphic Poster (during an internship at TNOP DESIGN)

"There's no in or out to the door, we're moving from platform to platform" This was an idea behind these poster series for Creativities Unfold 2016, an international symposium organised by Thailand Creative and Design Centre (TCDC) with the theme 'EXIT' that's focusing on the integration of knowledge-sharing and cross-professional collaboration between physical, digital science and creativity. The 4 days symposium is presenting the key factors of the change in both social and economic context.

Award :

2017 DEmark (Graphic Design), Thailand

Internship Responsibilities :

Be a part of team to visualise concepts and design structures for typography.

Creative director / Tnop Wangsillapakun

Senior Designer / Grittiga Pracsitsiriwong

Designer / Kawisara Vacharaprucks ,Kanin Sangsuksai

Design Interns : Ariyaporn Tuwawit ,Thipok Suwanmanee ,Roger Ng ,Surat Kamontakapai ,Khunnawut kerdnaimongkol

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